• Indiana Finance Director

    The Indiana Democratic Party (IDP) is seeking a full-time Finance Director at its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. This position will report directly to the IDP Chair and is solely responsible for tracking all donations to the IDP. Interested candidates must email a resume and three references to resumes@indems.org by Friday, April 7.

    Responsibilities Include:
    -Building upon our existing donor structure to bring new donors to IDP
    -Assist in expanding our online and smaller donations
    -Help create fundraising emails for IDP
    -Track financial commitments
    -Act as call time manager for the chair
    -Coordinate and serve as point of contact for sustaining donor groups and fundraisers
    -Manage the process for donor follow up
    -Create and set up meetings between the chair and current or potential donors.
    -Prepare monthly income budgets and projections
    -Assist in large-scale event logistics when applicable
    -Plan and coordinate fundraisers for the IDP
    -Prepare bank deposits
    -Establishing a checks and balances system with the compliance director to ensure all contributions are   legal and reported correctly

    Preferred Qualifications
    -Experience using NGP software
    -Familiarity with federal and or state election laws
    -Must be able to work independently to produce results
    -Efficient time management skills
    -Must be able to work quickly under pressure

    Interested candidates must email a resume and three references to resumes@indems.org by Friday, April 7.

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